Master of Environmental Sciences Collaboration between Pusbindiklatren Hold Green Education Training

For almost 12 days from 30 July to 10 August 2018 the Environmental Science Master’s Program in collaboration with the Planning, Education and Training Center (Pusbindiklatren) Bappenas held a Training on Non-Environmental Planning in Development held at Aston Semarang Hotel, the opening of the Diklat event by Ali Muharam , SIP, MSE, MA representing the Head of Pusbindiklatren.
Training participants totaling 25 people came from almost representatives from regencies throughout Indonesia from Bedagai Seragai, North Sumatra to Biak Lumfor, Papua. This Non-Degree Training and Education is the sixth Education and Training Center, the resource person from Undip Lecturers, Practitioners, Bappenas, and Bappeda